13101 SE 84th Ave Suite B, Clackamas, OR 97015

File Submission

See instructions below or download PDF instructions here.

Preferred File Format

Our Pre-Press Department is Mac-based.
We primarily accept .ai and .pdf files.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) preferred
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional

If the software you use is not listed above, please contact us.

File Prep

  • Set all bleeds to a minimum of .0625” on all edges.
  • Convert all text to outlines. All type should be set in a vector-based program. If this is not possible, please send all fonts along with your art files.
  • All text or design elements must be no closer than .0625” from the die line edge (excluding full bleeds).
  • Specify label size.
  • Please use proper naming conventions (ie. no special characters or symbols including slashes, commas, periods, asterisks, etc.).
  • Make each file name relevant to your order (i.e., company name, brand name, purchase order, part number).
  • Specify the process or PMS colors used by including color call-outs (eg. C-50, M-24, Y-29, K5 or PMS 376) and swatches within your file. Remove any colors not used from your color palette.

What to Send

  • Native Files plus all linked or supporting graphic elements
  • PDF or Hardcopy for Viewing
  • Die lines (or intended cut lines) with your artwork plus your finished label size

Design Considerations

  • Our pre-press department may need to adjust artwork in order to meet your intended finished look for flexography. This may include adjustments to resolution, color saturation, out-of-gamut fluctuations or other technical considerations.
  • Though WE will trap your artwork here, keep in mind that we need a minimum .5 pt of trap when designing your artwork.
  • Minimum Screened Line Width: .5pt @ 10% tone
  • Minimum Solid Line Width: .4pt
  • Minimum Type Size, Positive: 4pt (Sans Serif)
  • Minimum Type Size, Reversed: 6pt (Sans Serif)

File Transfer Options


Art can be sent to your CSR or Salesperson or directly to: [email protected]
(Please identify your CSR or salesperson.)

There is a 7MB size limit on files sent to us via email.


Art files can be mailed or delivered on a CD or DVD or a USB flash drive and directly to your CSR or salesperson at:

  • (Name of Salesperson)
  • c/o Craftsman Label
  • 13101 SE 84th Ave., Suite B
  • Clackamas, OR 97015


Your files can be uploaded directly to our FTP site for retrieval. Please refer to the FTP document attached for instructions on how to upload your files. Please notify your customer service rep or our art department after you have uploaded your artwork.

View the PDF

If you have trouble with your submission, contact our art department at (503) 557-7000 or (800) 274-4171 or [email protected].